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Think of us as your personal publicist!

We love independents so much that we want to help in whatever way we can! If you are an independent business owner, creator, or artist who is in need of some help sharing your story, getting your name out there, and building your community, we'd love to help. Think of us as your PR team, helping you develop your own unique story and connecting you with the customers and other indie businesses and creators who can help you grow.  This way, you can spend more time creating and doing your thing--and less time obsessing over how to communicate your brand.


Here's how we can help:

  • Overall strategy development

    • Discuss and develop your story​

    • Establish the best channels to connect with your customers

    • Create a comprehensive plan that involves all or some of the tasks below, depending on your needs!

  • Event planning & development

    • From concept to promotion

    • Live, on the ground event support

  • Writing & creating newsletters

  • Writing for your website

    • Updating product descriptions, about pages, blogs​

  • Writing social Media posts and ads

  • Creating a Content Calendar

  • Shooting & editing short videos for social or for your website 

  • Creating original music for a video, ad, or podcast

  • Planning & hosting a webinar or online event

  • A general brainstorming session: ideas for content and posts, how to build a calendar you can maintain on your own, or just anything you need to talk through!

Want to know how we're qualified to help? Marcy has degrees in creative writing and journalism, and Crosby has a degree in marketing. Crosby loves music and can create his own. Marcy used to be a broadcast news reporter, and had to shoot and edit her own video. And together, we'd attended hundreds of events featuring independent businesses/creators or hosted by independent businesses or creators. View more about Marcy on her website and LinkedIn page.

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