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Float Away on a Marshmallow Cloud at XO Marshmallow

Updated: Jun 22, 2018

That's what I feel like whenever I visit XO Marshmallow: like I'm floating on a happy, fluffy cloud! This is one indie store to visit whenever you need a mood-boosting treat.

As you open the door and step down the bright pink steps, you're greeted warmly by a light sugary smell. You can't help but smile when your eyes take in the pinks, greens, and yellows in the small but cozy shop, which includes XOXO pillows on pink padded benches. The wall decor resembles a carefully curated and on-brand Instagram page, featuring a combination of images of sweet, fluffy treats and sassy quotes. I swear that walking into XO Marshmallow's store in Chicago's Rogers Park neighborhood feels like getting a warm hug from a friend.

I first discovered XO Marshmallow on Instagram, thanks to the Boss Babe Popup Shop Instagram account. They drew me in instantly with their colorful photos of their unique marshmallow creations. I really hadn't seen anything quite like it before, and I was thrilled to learn there was a shop I could visit. I've already been twice, and I plan to visit regularly.

You might think of marshmallows as a fall (campfire) or winter (hot chocolate) treat, but the marshmallow concoctions these ladies come up with are great for any season. In fact, they usually have a drink tailored to the season. I first visited around St. Patrick's Day, when I indulged in their mint lemonade, topped with a candy rainbow and marshmallow fluff. While there was once a point in my life where I equated the Shamrock Shake or green beer as the ultimate St. Patrick's Day drink, this beverage easily takes the top spot. It was tart and refreshing.

I've also now tasted the Lucky Unicorn bar (think of a Rice Krispies treat made with gourmet marshmallows and Lucky Charms cereal), the Samoa bar (a Rice Krispies treat inspired by the Girl Scout cookie), and their s'macarons (marshmallow-filled macarons with dark chocolate), all of which were fantastic. My favorite so far? If I absolutely had to pick, I'd probably say the s'macarons.

In addition to getting a sweet treat, by visiting XO Marshmallow, you're supporting a women-owned business. Their menu outlines their story, which I love. When you try these treats, you definitely want to know who the geniuses are behind them.

Not in the Chicago area? You can always order from them online! And be sure to follow them on Instagram.

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