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The Best Indie Releases of the Year (so far)

Updated: Jul 18, 2018

There has been a lot of very high quality music in 2018. It is to the point that its easy to sleep on something and learn about it months after its been released. Here are a few of the best independent releases that may have slipped through the cracks.

Hollie Cook - Vessel of Love (Merge Records)

British musician Hollie Cook's smooth mix of reggae, pop, and hip hop would stand out in any year. She manages to pull off both laid back and exuberant feelings at the same time. Highlights include "Angel Fire" and "Stay Alive", but the entire album is strong and very easy to enjoy all the way through.

Sango - In The Comfort Of (Last Gang Records Inc.)

One of the most slept on producers, Seattle's Sango, matches expansive and innovative beats with a wide array of guests. The highlight is Dave B. dropping in for a exuberant verse on "Mateo 2.19", also one of the best songs of the year. Other gems include "Khlorine" with Smino, "Rude" with Jean Deaux, and the closer "Comfortable".

Sylvan LaCue - Apologies in Advance (WiseUp & Co.)

Sylvan LaCue came through on his debut album. Last year he released a number of high quality music videos, and all of those singles appear here as well. Highlights include the still hot "Best Me", "Selfish", "Coffee Break, and "Guilt Trip".

SiR - November (TDE)

SiR started the year on a high, dropping an amazing album with numerous sure fire classic tracks. "Summer in November", "Something Foreign", and "Something New" are all easily some of the best tracks of the year, and "D'Evils" could be the best of them all.

Charlotte Day Wilson - Stone Woman (self released)

Toronto's Charlotte Day Wilson is low key releasing some incredible music. Her entire debut release "CDW" in 2016 was memorable, and she continues her hot streak with "Stone Woman". Every track deserves mention, but the ethereal "Funeral" is perfect.

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