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Getting to know San Diego indie creators at the San Diego Made Second Saturday Market

Add the San Diego Made Second Saturday Market (part of the Barrio Art Crawl) as a recurring event on your calendar!

We've attended a total of three San Diego Made Second Saturday Markets in a row, and have yet to leave one empty-handed. This market is not only a great way to get to know the makers working out of the San Diego Made Factory, but also to meet several other local creators. Each month, local artists and artisans who don't have a physical space in the Factory apply to set up a table and showcase their work. There's even local food vendors and a bar!

With featured artists, workshops and new vendors each time, you get to see and experience a wide range of products and artwork. For example, in July, we had the opportunity to make our own greeting cards with Ann Jackson at Annie G Studio, and while we didn't make it the workshop this month, it was a pretty cute one: Needle Felted Flowering Cactus in a Wee Pot workshop with Val's Art Studio. This opportunity to interact and create alongside the creators is what takes the 2nd Saturday Market from an event you just drop into and browse to one where you build actual relationships with local creators--and perhaps even learn a new skill.

This month, I enjoyed meeting Kassi Grunder of Kassi Grunder Jewelry, where I bought a gorgeous fluorite bracelet that gives off some serious beach-y and mermaid-y vibes, so of course I had to photograph it with some water in the background. We also chatted about clip-on earrings for us ladies without pierced ears, and she gave me tips on how to make it work. I came away from her table with a new accessory and having learned that I can, indeed, pull off wearing gorgeous earrings without having pierced ears.

Artwork from Caitlin Carney on display

Other highlights of our time at the Market included meeting the creators behind Following Seasons Botanicals and Quinntessentials (you really can't leave the space feeling anything but peaceful after smelling all of their creations!) and browsing the artwork of Caitlin Carney.

This event is part of the Barrio Art Crawl that happens every second Saturday, and it's all about local and indie. The crawl includes stops at several local businesses and markets. I regularly leave this event with stacks of businesses cards, which then leads to me following several new Instagram accounts! If you really want to get to know local creators and businesses, both the Barrio Art Crawl and San Diego Made Second Saturday Market are a MUST! It really has become a regular event for us as newbies to San Diego because it's a great way to learn and experience the city's culture.

If you live in San Diego, are there any other markets like these you attend to connect with the businesses in your community? And if you're not in San Diego, do you have something similar to this in your city? We'd love to know! Leave a comment or send us a note at ourindieland@gmail.com.

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