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Pigment: Where you can be a shopper and a creator

I recently discovered Pigment, an amazing place to shop for all the pretty things--AND build your own beautifully potted plant or succulent!

I've now been to two of Pigment's store locations in San Diego, but my first trip was to the Point Loma store, and I don't think I can describe the trip as anything other than enchanting! (Forgive me, I'm a Pisces, all pretty things are very dreamy to me.)

I had no idea that such a place existed, let alone one that is independent and unique to San Diego--and features the products of local artists and indie creators. There are cute notebooks, stationery and cards, beautifully scented candles, pretty crystals, gemstone jewelry, and so much lovely greenery. And that's only scratching the surface of what they have to offer!

The merchandising in this store is perfect. Every table is calling out to you to come closer. I'm definitely a sucker for places that create color stories (and without overwhelming you in a Charming Charlie sort of way). This one is more subtle, and with that greenery all around, the space just feels alive.

They had a nice open patio and space in the back of the Point Loma store where you can settle in and really get creative. You pick out your pot, your plant, and all the prettiness that you want to surround it. If I'd let myself, I could have spent hours just with the plants!

You can also attend crafty/creative classes and workshops at the stores, which further adds to that community factor that local and indie spots are so good at creating. Pigment gives you the opportunity and inspiration to become a creator yourself, bringing it all full circle.

So if you want to go an independent and local spot that will inspire you and bring some joy to your day, this is the place for you! If you aren't in San Diego, are there any places like Pigment in your area? We'd love to know about them!

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