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Indie Caramel & Sweet Treat Master: Nancy Flint, Sugar Mamma Caramels

Nancy Flint makes handcrafted, small batch desserts, with a specialization in some seriously delicious sea salt caramels!

indieland: How did you first become interested in making caramels?

Nancy: I first became interested in making Sea Salt Caramels when they were trending many years ago to give for Christmas gifts. After a couple of years, my family encouraged me to enter the San Diego County Fair candy contest in 2012. I won! I was featured on a local TV segment, and the hosts went wild for my caramels and asked where they could buy them! That's what started the whole ball rolling. I got my small business license and my Cottage Food Operation permit. I went from 1 flavor to now 17 flavors of caramels, plus marshmallows, cookies, and chocolates, all with lots of love and encouragement from family and friends. I have now won multiple awards including "Favorite Dessert In San Diego" for the past 2 years as voted by the UT readers!

indieland: What do you love most about what you do?

Nancy: I absolutely LOVE making caramels and desserts. It literally never gets old, it's truly magical how butter, cream, and sugar transform into a delicious treat!

indieland: If you had to describe your products in three words, what would they be?

Nancy: Handcrafted, all-natural, unique.

indieland: Why do you believe it is important for people to shop independent and local this holiday season? What does it mean to you when someone buys your caramels?

Nancy: I am true believer in shop local, shop small. Small business is the backbone of a great country. Now is the day of big box stores, but there is nothing like the quality and care you find from a small local maker. When you purchase sweet treats from me, I truly do a little happy dance! What I do is extremely labor intensive, a little dangerous, but very creative. I often work at least 12 hours every single day. So when someone tells me my caramels are the best they have ever tasted...it's all 100% worth it!

You can check out the many flavors and treats on the Sugar Mamma Caramels website. This is a home-based businesses, so customers are welcome via appointment, but you can also catch Nancy at many local markets and retailers. Check her website for more details.

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