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Laguna Beach Books: A peaceful haven for visitors and locals

Laguna Beach Books is a welcoming space for both locals and tourists, with a great selection of books and fun gift items.

I make it a point to stop in Laguna Beach Books whenever I'm in the area, and it is one of those spaces that just instantly lifts your mood. I think that's because it successfully brings out the culture and vibe of its community with its offerings. It is both sophisticated and cozy, both polished and relaxed. The books and stationery items are beautifully presented and organized, with fun and whimsical gift items mixed in.

When you enter the bookstore, one of the first displays you see includes several books related to Laguna Beach, whether they are written by Laguna Beach authors or are about the city itself. I like that they put this front and center, and not in an overpowering way. If you're a tourist just popping in, they call you to explore and learn more, and if you're a local, you might be interested in checking out what local authors have written about the city. As a non local, the display makes feel welcome, and it tells me that the community cares about me making the most of my visit.

The first time I came in, there was a book club meeting in the back. Based on how engaged all the attendees were, I could tell I was in a community with plenty of individuals who are passionate about books, and it made me wish I could take part in their regular book club! During my most recent visit, there were many tourists and out-of-towners like me in the store. I noticed that everyone who came in spent a several minutes browsing the store--a good indicator that there's a little something for everyone here. I also loved that even the cashier working at the desk was reading a book! I know that's hard to pull off when you're working and it is a busy day, but at a bookstore, if I see a staff member reading, I know they're a kindred spirit--and they likely could offer some great recommendations.

Laguna Beach seems to have no shortage of interesting independent shops, and I'm hoping to go back soon to do some more exploring. If you live in the area or have been to Laguna Beach, send me your recommendations!

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