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indieland Songs of the Week - Lupe Fiasco "Manilla" & "Haile Selassie"

Lupe Fiasco has finally left the major label system he so often railed against, electing to release his new album "DROGAS WAVE" independently. After more classics ("Food & Liquor", "The Cool", "Tetsuo & Youth") than misfires ("Lasers"), his output over the last 12 years has been strong. However, he always seemed uneasy with Atlantic and the limitations that were placed on him. Through the years, Lupe has released numerous free mixtapes and EPs on his own, and they often featured left field ideas and less commercially viable music.

With his new album, he jumps from genre to genre and clearly enjoys giving his fans a wide variety of music. Among numerous highlights, he includes an old gem he released on the side back in 2014, "Haile Selassie". This beautiful track finally gets the full release it deserves, and it sounds just as current now as it did four years ago.

The brand new "Manilla" is the best lyrical track Lupe has released since "Mural" in 2015 and will easily become a fan favorite.

Here's to Lupe continuing to release great music as he sees fit independently.

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