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indieland Song of the Week - The Underachievers "Seven Letters"

The Underachievers have been releasing music since 2013's "Indigoism". Since their debut release, their sound has mostly vacillated between psychedelic, mellow vibes and a more of the moment trap feel. I personally prefer when they explore the road less traveled on tracks like "Ethereal" and "Eyes Wide Open", expanding on the sound that drew in so many fans in the first place. Lyrically, they have always been unafraid to walk their own path and explore areas outside the realm of most mainstream music like spirituality and mental health.

"Seven Letters" is a bold step forward for The Underachievers in both sound and vibe. While their new single is easily one of their most radio-friendly tracks to date, it feels like a natural progression and unforced. Both Issa and AK sound rejuvenated and ready to share more knowledge, and if the new album shares the vibe of "Seven Letters", we have something special to look forward to next month when it drops.

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