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indieland Song of the Week - The Underachievers ft. Ivan Jackson "Light Speed"

Brooklyn's The Underachievers broke onto the scene with "Indigoism" in 2013 and haven't looked back since. The forward thinking duo has released projects every year since, typically alternating between trippy, psychedelic ambiance and trap production. I have always been a fan of tracks like "Gold Soul Theory", "Ethereal", and "Melody of the Free", which all feature introspective, inward thinking lyrics and, well, ethereal production.

After 2017's very underrated "Renaissance", The Underachievers are back and in a big way. They have teamed up with Brasstracks to create a concise, positive album that features more musicality than ever before. One of the early highlights for me is "Light Speed", which features shout outs to Stevie Wonder and Smokey Robinson over smooth, bouncy production.

Count me in on the new direction that The Underachievers decided to take us on their new project!

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