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indieland Song of the Month - Noname "Self"

Full disclosure, Noname is one of my favorite artists across all genres of music. Her debut project "Telefone" lived up to my wildest expectations after sporadic singles and features with the likes of fellow Chicago artists like Mick Jenkins and Chance the Rapper. "Telefone" was one of my favorite projects of the last few years, and I have been eagerly awaiting new work from her ever since.

A lot has changed for Noname since we last heard from her. She headlined a successful tour with her very polished band, moved to Los Angeles, and steadily became more and more known in the hip hop world. Luckily, her signature organic sound is still a huge part of her vibe on the new "Room 25" project she self-released earlier this month.

The entirety of "Room 25" is excellent. Noname maintains the same warmth that made "Telefone" so memorable, while diving a little deeper lyrically with intricate and personal storytelling.

My favorite track is "Self", which happens to open "Room 25". The warmth emanating from Noname's voice is gorgeous and sets the tone of the project. This is definitely one of the best tracks on one of the best projects of 2018.

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