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indieland's 30 Days of Christmas - Day 8 - Best Music Videos of 2018 (Honorable Mentions)

2018 was a great year for music, and with that came many excellent music videos. I'll be posting an in depth feature highlighting the very best, but for now, here are some that are worthy of taking in.

Sylvan LaCue - Empathy

Sylvan LaCue delivered on the hope of his promising run of singles from 2017 with a great album and mixtape this year. While the visuals for album highlight Empathy aren't quite up to the rich standards of his stunning videos from last year, its a worthy introduction to one of hip hop's most promising lyricists.

EarthGang - Up

While this is technically not a traditional music video, any performance video that A COLORS SHOW releases is worth giving a shot. Off of EarthGang's anticipated 2019 release, "Up" is a very high energy preview of the type of music this duo is capable of. With shades of Outkast and Chance the Rapper, EarthGang evoke the best of both the past and future.

Mick Jenkins - Understood

Mick Jenkins came through in 2018 with an album, two short mixtapes, and numerous strong features. The sharp Chicago lyricist is an old school artist in every sense of the word, and he clearly puts a lot of thought and care into all aspects of his work, including his visuals.

Charlotte Day Wilson - Stone Woman

One of the better projects of the year was Charlotte Day Wilson's "Stone Woman" EP. The elusive Canadian artist has never appeared in a music video prior to this, and the artful clip properly evokes the mood of her newest work.

Saba - LIFE

Chicago's Saba has had a successful 2018, highlighted by his excellent album "CARE FOR ME" and multiple strong singles over the last month (most notably the beautiful "Stay Right Here"). Saba has had a string of great music videos, and LIFE is no exception.


While Nas is certainly not an independent artist, he has influenced an entire generation of lyricists with his legendary albums over the years. One of the greatest artists of all time, Nas has had a quiet few years since his incredible 2012 effort "Life Is Good". While the prospect of a short but sweet album produced entirely by Kanye West sounded like a possible career highlight, NASIR was a bit of a letdown. But Nas smartly released a short film soundtracking a good portion of the album, and it definitely helps his fans understand the new album better. Of course, the short film is a highlight music video for Nas, who has not released many in his illustrious career.

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