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indieland's 30 Days of Christmas - Day 27 - The Best Music Videos of 2018

As much as any year in recent memory, we got a lot of great music videos in 2018. Here are the highlights.

1) Kali Uchis - After The Storm

After The Storm is one of the most creative music videos in recent memory. A psychedelic and quirky visual, it will likely ingrain itself into your head with images of Bootsy Collins on cereal, Tyler, The Creator emerging from a garden, among other trippy happenings.

2) Smino - L.M.F.

When one of the best songs of the year gets a music video this fun, it makes it that much more memorable. Smino has always had excellent visuals, but he topped himself with L.M.F.

3) Mac Miller - Self Care

Even before Mac Miller's tragic passing just weeks after releasing the one and only visual for Swimming, Self Care was a memorable look into his state of mind. Ominously featuring Mac in a coffin, his last music video is beautifully produced and will go down as one of his best.

4) Sylvan LaCue - 3:33 Sylvan LaCue had some of the best visuals of 2017, and he continued his streak with an impressive line up of music videos to go with his under the radar mixtape "Florida Man". Rapping over Bas & J. Cole's "Tribe", Sylvan one ups them with a thoughtful flow and fun vibe.

5) The Underachievers - Seven Letters

The Underachievers have always released high quality music videos that elevate their psychedelic vibes. Seven Letters is a great introduction to their new sound on the excellent After the Rain album.

6) A$AP Rocky & Tyler, The Creator - Potato Salad

One of more random songs of the year was this excellent collaboration between A$AP Rocky and Tyler, The Creator. Instead of getting in each other's way, they compliment each other perfectly. The music video perfectly illustrates this fun pairing.

7) SiR - D'Evils

SiR released one of the best albums of the year in January, and D'Evils is one of the highlights. The colorful visual highlights the vibes of the song.

8) The Internet - Come Over

The Internet's Hive Mind is easily one of the highlights of the year, and their video Come Over perfectly captures the mood of the song and album.

9) Topaz Jones - Toothache

Topaz Jones had a quiet year, but the funky music video for Toothache was a nice tease for what direction his sound may be going in.

10) Raveena - Honey

Raveena is one of the artists to watch in 2019. Her sensual sound is the perfect soundtrack to this memorable music video.

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