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indieland's 30 Days of Christmas - Day 24 - Dine at Uncommon Ground

Have a great romantic meal or catch up with friends over dinner this holiday season at Uncommon Ground

Between all the holiday parties and meals with family, sometimes you just want to have a nice night out with your significant other or friends. One cozy spot we love is Uncommon Ground, which has locations in both Lakeview and Edgewater in Chicago.

If you haven't heard of Uncommon Ground yet, it is a indie spot with some serious bragging rights: it's the home of the first certified organic brewery in Illinois (Greenstar Brewing) and the first certified organic rooftop farm in the U.S. On top of that, they also have live music and events at both of their locations.

While all of this is impressive, what matters is the experience and the food--and we wouldn't be here writing about it if it wasn't fantastic! We had heard great things for a long time about Uncommon Ground, and we finally had the chance to go last month on Small Business Saturday. As vegetarians, we were excited to see so many great options for us on the menu. Here's what we ended up with: a side salad, mac and cheese, the famous Impossible Burger with sweet potato fries, and chocolate crème brûlée. We also each had a glass of Greenstar beer that did not disappoint.

The Lakeview location has a nice fireplace that creates a great ambiance, so it is perfect for a cozy meal on a winter day. This is a great place to stop in for a holiday meal!

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