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indieland's 30 Days of Christmas - Day 20 - Song of the Week - Ric Wilson "No Hands"

It happens every year around this time: someone drops an amazing song or album right as the "best of the year" lists come out. This year, its Chicago's own Ric Wilson, who just released "No Hands", one of the best tracks of the year.

Ric Wilson has been bubbling for a couple of years now. I was a big fan of his criminally slept on "Penny Raps" in 2015, and his EP this year "BANBA" featured the brilliant "Sinner". His sound is all over the map, though he has preferred a disco influence of late. The disco instrumentation and vibe suits him well, and "No Hands" seems to split the difference between his early days and his recent style.

Lets hope that Ric is at work on a full length for 2019, because he is definitely an artist to watch!

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