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indieland's 30 Days of Christmas - Day 17 - Who Did It Best? "This Christmas"

When it comes to modern Christmas classics, Donny Hathaway's "This Christmas" is at the top of my list. There really isn't much to say about this joyous tune that you can't gather by simply listening.

Through the years, numerous artists have given their best shot at "This Christmas". Here are some of the best ones!

CeeLo Green - 2012

CeeLo brought his unique voice to Donnie Hathaway's classic, and he didn't disappoint. The arrangement stays mostly true to the original.

Lalah Hallaway

Donnie's daughter Lalah has a great voice and is a natural fit on "This Christmas". An accomplished musician herself, Lalah attended the prestigious Berklee College of Music. She also released an in-studio version for Spotify in 2017 that is worth checking out!

The Whispers - 2010

For this version of "This Christmas", The Whisper reign it in and transform it into a slow jam. If romantic Christmas Eve is your thing, you may do well with this version. I don't think Donnie Hathaway would be upset with this at all!

Aretha Franklin - 2008

What can you say about Aretha's version of "This Christmas"? It sounds exactly how you would expect, and that isn't a complaint. Displaying her range over modern instrumentation, Aretha does what she does best here.

In the end, there is only one answer to who does it best, and that is Donnie Hathaway! But just like traditional holiday classics, it deserves many versions from acclaimed artists and amateurs alike.

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