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indieland's 30 Days of Christmas - Day 16 - Merry TubaChristmas!

Though most people are likely unfamiliar with TubaChristmas, it is an international tradition that has been going strong for 45 years! Harvey Phillips, an accomplished tuba player who made it his mission in life to help elevate the public perception of what the tuba can be, conceived the project in 1974.

Now there are hundreds of TubaChristmas events around the world each and every holiday season. Some events, like the one I performed in this weekend in West Dundee, Illinois, features a couple dozen local tuba and euphonium players.

The view from TubaChristmas 2018 in West Dundee, Illinois

Its beautiful that tuba and euphonium players young and old embrace this holiday tradition in cities small and large. Just last week, a new record of over 800 performers came together in Kansas City and successfully recorded a new Guinness World Record!

Performers are encouraged to practice the holiday tunes before arriving, and get just under an hour of practice together before the performance. If you haven't already experienced a TubaChristmas, check out their website and try to make it to an event in a city near you!

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