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indieland's 30 Days of Christmas - Day 15 - Holiday Sweet Treats @ Katherine Anne Confections

Looking for a local, indie alternative to visiting Ghirardelli or Godiva? Visit Katherine Anne Confections in Logan Square!

We first learned about Katherine Anne Confections through the One of A Kind Show last year, and since then we've seen them at various shows and farmers markets, as well as visited their store in Logan Square. For us, the store is a must visit during the holiday season!

At shows and farmers markets, you can sample their many unique and tasty treats, but if you want to see all that they can do, you'll need to drop into the cafe and spend at least an hour. There you'll find a full menu of drinking chocolates and other hot beverages, in addition to the caramels, truffles, and marshmallows you're used to sampling at the shows and markets. They have a few savory items as well, including Banh Mi, which we tried on our trip there last year. (We loved it!)

What makes this place perfect for the holiday season though is the drinking chocolates, specifically the flights (see the image on the right above). The chocolates are different unique flavors and paired with a complimentary flavored marshmallow. The peppermint is one of my favorites, but I love peppermint everything, so I recommend you simply try as many flavors as your stomach allows!

Just a couple months ago, we visited Katherine Anne Confections for one of their special events: a coffee and confections tasting, featuring all local coffee brands. Each coffee was matched with a particular chocolate and/or caramel, and the pairings were perfect, bringing out just the right flavors in the coffee. While we left quite caffeinated, we were thoroughly impressed with the offerings. And we both agreed that it was great to sit and talk with all of those local businesses under one roof (and we saw many of the coffee companies a couple weeks later at Coffee Con). It was a perfect example of how local, indie companies can work together to introduce their products to new audiences.

So if you're looking for something different this year, and want to support an indie, local business, stop in for holiday beverages and treats at Katherine Anne Confections. You won't be disappointed!

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