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Indie Jewelry Artists: Alex & Andrea of We Are Andrex

Alex and Andrea create beautiful jewelry that celebrates friendship and the special bonds in your life.

indieland: How did you first become interested in making jewelry and accessories?

Alex and Andrea: We’ve always been pretty crafty growing up! We started making jewelry for fun a few years ago and would gift them to friends and family until one day someone told us that we should sell our jewelry! It wasn’t until 2017 when Andrea was shopping at a boutique who was looking for local vendors to sell at an event that we became “official”! We worked days and nights (along with our full-time jobs) prepping for the event — producing jewelry pieces and creating a business that we said we had, lol! We created an Instagram account, website and got all our packaging ready! Three years later…we’re selling at amazing markets and a part of the artist community that we absolutely love and appreciate!

indieland: What do you love most about what you do?

Alex and Andrea: That we get to work TOGETHER! As twin sisters owning a business together, you really get to know one another from another perspective and start to realize different ways you balance off each other! Another thing we love most is getting to meet all our customers and other local vendors at markets! Moving from Miami to San Diego a year ago, it was hard making friends at first, but these markets have introduced us to many of our closest friends today!

You can check out We Are Andrex jewelry on their website, and if you're in the San Diego area, you can catch up with them at local markets. Check their website and social media for upcoming events!

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