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Indie Gemstone Jewelry Artist: Kassi Grunder

Kassi Grunder creates beautiful gemstone jewelry infused with both style and meaning.

indieland: How did you first become interested in creating jewelry?

Kassi: I remember getting inspired to make jewelry when I was on a trip with my mom. I’d seen a bunch of jewelry on that trip, but kept seeing things and thinking ‘well that’s cool, but it would be way cooler if it were different in X, Y, and Z ways.’ It made me realize that I could design things how I wanted them to be. I’ve always made tiny things, and had taken a jewelry class in college, so when I got home, I bought some materials and tried things out. They turned out well and I haven’t stopped since! 

indieland: What do you love most about what you do?

Kassi: I really love that moment when a woman puts on a piece that I’ve made and sees herself in a new way because of it. It’s absolute magic. I also really love having a daily creative practice and being able to work from home. 

indieland: If you could only use three words to describe your business/products, what would they be?

Kassi: Uplifting, joyful, purposeful 

indieland: Why do you believe it is important for people to shop independent and local this holiday season?

Kassi: We all know the economic reasons. It’s way better for the economy of our community when we shop locally. But also, it’s the best way to get unique and thoughtful gifts for people you care about. There’s something special about that. 

indieland: Describe what it means to you when someone buys a product from you/your business 

Kassi: It means that I can help someone to see their beauty, and that I can continue being a working artist! 

You can shop Kassi's products on her website, and if you're in the San Diego area, you can catch up with her at local markets. Check her website for upcoming events.

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