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Grab an afternoon pick-me-up at this Little Italy spot

For me, an afternoon pick-me-up is a delicious coffee and a good sweet treat--and you'll find oh so much goodness at Frost Me Cafe & Bakery.

Okay, so I'm going into this post knowing it is totally possible that I'm the last one to the party here, but in my defense, I've lived in San Diego for less than a year! I learned after my visit to Frost Me Cafe and Bakery that it was part of Food Network's Cupcake Wars and took home the championship for the Breeders' Cup episode in Season 9. Well, I can certainly see why!

I first wandered into this spot during a trip to the Little Italy Mercato Farmer's Market on a Saturday afternoon, when it was a bit crazy! I had a great Honey Cinnamon iced coffee during that visit, but didn't get to spend much time there. So once we discovered that there's a smaller (and less crowded) farmers market on Wednesday, we decided to check it out during our lunch break. And I couldn't resist stopping in for another coffee on the way back.

This time I ordered the Cardamom Orange Latte and grabbed a chocolate chip cookie. While I've ordered a flavored latte somewhere before and had it taste like just a hint of what I thought the flavor was supposed to be, this one was bursting with flavor, and the combination really worked! And the chocolate chip cookie is the kind I would've called a "cake cookie" when I was a kid, which basically means that it is thicker than your standard cookie, and it is gooey and soft in the middle.

Given that the sweet treats and coffee are so good here, I am definitely eager to try everything else on their menu. I think a happy hour will be next for me, since they also serve wine.

On top of the great food and drinks, the space is beautiful and calming. I love all the gold accents, the work from local artists on the wall, and the neon sign, which makes you smile and has you singing the Outkast song "Hey Ya!" in your head for the rest of the day.

I love independent coffee houses and cafes because the space and what they serve echoes the vibe and the culture of the community around it. As a newbie to San Diego, these spaces are inviting and are like a glimpse into the life of a local. And I instantly think, "I want to be a part of this!"

What are your favorite indie spots to pick up an afternoon coffee or treat on a long day? And if you're in San Diego, let me know which places I should check out next!

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