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Find Your Favorite Treasures at Moondance

Why I never leave this cute store in Roscoe Village without something shiny and new!

Most good weekends for us start with wandering a neighborhood and stumbling into any stores, cafes, or restaurants that look inviting and peak our interest. It has been more than a year now since we were wandering Roscoe Village and saw a cute little boutique down the street from one of our favorite indie bookstores, Roscoe Books. I knew from a simple glance at the storefront window that Moondance would be my kind of place: The store is full of small, sparkly treasures (necklaces, bracelets, rings), as well purses, clothing, candles, soaps, and other fun assorted home and beauty items. I never leave this store empty handed.

So what keeps me coming back so consistently? For me, this store is one that epitomizes the benefits of shopping indie and local. Here’s why I love Moondance:

  • Great product at great prices. Not only are the items in this store fun to look at, they’re all very affordable! I’d say the average price I spend on a bracelet here is $20-$25. And all of my pieces are still in great condition – nothing has broken or become too worn for wear. That’s great for me, since I tend to burn through things I wear frequently. I bought two pairs of super cute winter gloves at Moondance (one cranberry pair and one houndstooth) and both are still in tact after the Chicago winter!

  • The store’s owner, Susan. The second you walk in to Moondance, you are sure to get a warm welcome from her or one of her store associates if she’s not there. Even her son has worked at the store, and he assisted Crosby when he was buying me a Christmas present! Susan is a retired special education teacher who decided to open a shop filled with the things she loves. She has a great eye for accessories and home décor. You’ll often see her wearing an item she’s selling in the store, and she can tell you all about the product, including how to wear it and what other colors it comes in. She always remembers Crosby and me when we come in.

  • The shopping events! Another thing Susan does quite well is hosting. If you’re in to wine, cheese, and shopping, then follow Moondance on Instagram to find out when the next party is! I just recently visited the store for their Friday the 13th party on July 13. In honor of the date and the new moon (you can’t have a store called Moondance and NOT honor the moon cycle), Susan had a local tarot card and palm reader on hand to give readings to customers who spent at least $30. Not bad, right? I easily spent my $30 on a new scarf and bracelet, and enjoyed what was a surprisingly thorough Tarot Card reading from Vicci Martin. She sent each person home with a written summary of the cards they pulled and their meaning.

You can see some of the many purchases I’ve made in the photo on the left – bracelets, rings, candles with unique scents, and my new flamingo scarf. Another favorite not pictured here includes some Pisces Zodiac Soap, which I loved. She carries all the astrological signs and their corresponding soaps.

As I mentioned, this store is one that, for me, epitomizes the benefits of shopping small and local. Some might associate shopping small with higher prices, but that’s not the case with Moondance. I spend the same as I would during an Ann Taylor Loft sale, and I get better product. The store genuinely puts a smile on my face because the owner is there, knows me, and is always so welcoming. Her special events bring people together not just around shopping, but other fun activities. Susan knows how to create an experience for the customer, which many big chain stores just aren’t able to do.

So, the next time you’re in Chicago’s Roscoe Village neighborhood, stop in and visit Moondance!

BONUS: There’s also a great wine bar and restaurant next door that we had dinner and drinks at, Volo Restaurant Wine Bar – a post is coming soon. (Also, we promise to post about more places outside of Roscoe Village soon. We just love Roscoe so much that we can’t help ourselves!)

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