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Don't Sleep On: Saba

"Don't Sleep On" shines a spotlight on a mix of both up-and-coming and established artists, all with two things in common: they are independent, and they don't get enough attention.

One such artist is Chicago's Saba. Though only 24, Saba has released multiple high quality mixtapes and albums, and he has produced a number of great tracks for other artists as well.

Saba's recently released "CARE FOR ME" shows tremendous artistic growth and is one of the strongest albums of 2018. The entire album is very strong, but my personal favorite tracks are "SMILE", "LOGOUT", and "PROM/KING". While his newest work lacks the pop chops of his debut album from 2016, his lyrics have never been stronger. Saba addresses issues in his hometown, as well as in his personal life. He lost his cousin Walter Long Jr. to violence in Chicago last year, and it provides the inspiration to an overall darker aesthetic than we are used to from him. He does his cousin proud with hundreds of lyrical gems throughout, culminating in the beautiful closer and tribute to Walter, "HEAVEN ALL AROUND ME".

In addition to his recent work, Saba has been slept on for a number of years, releasing great work in the earlier part of his career. Check out "Burnout", "Photosynthesis", and his guest spot/production work on Noname's "Shadow Man".

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