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3 Reasons to Shop at Winnie Cooper Boutique in Chicago’s Roscoe Village

Updated: Jun 15, 2018

My recent visit to Winnie Cooper Boutique leads me to my new favorite jewelry pieces.

Discovering and stopping into new indie boutiques is one of my favorite activities – next to visiting independent bookstores, of course), and I first discovered Winnie Cooper Boutique in Roscoe Village in December 2017. Now, it is one of my regular stops when I am in Roscoe Village (which has a few fantastic women-owned businesses).

I recently visited the boutique for a wine tasting and shopping event, right before Mother’s Day. It had been a couple months since I’d been in the store, so I was excited to stop in and see what they had now. Plus, it was a great chance to sample wine from Wines for Humanity, a wine sampling event company that raises funds for charity.

Based on my recent visit, here’s 3 reasons you should check out Winnie Cooper Boutique:

1. The cozy, comfortable space – The front of the store is dedicated primarily to the product, while the back area is dedicated to the dressing rooms. There’s a large couch to sit and get comfortable on, in case you need a break or a nice place to sit while your friend tries on clothes. I noticed groups of friends gathering back there to help each other decide on the right outfit to buy. The setup of the store really makes you feel like you’re at a friend’s house.

2. The variety and quality of product – Winnie Cooper Boutique carries clothing (casual and dressy) as well as a range of accessories (jewelry, shoes, scarves, and bags). You’ll recognize a lot of great brands, but also expect to discover some new ones, which brings me to my next point….

3. Their support of brands that are indie, women-owned, and/or support a great cause – I spotted three great indie brands in the store that I’ve added to my personal shopping list:

  • Kinsley Armelle – I originally saw their beautiful bracelets on Winnie Cooper Boutique’s Instagram, and I quickly did a Google search. This indie brand from Texas sells beautiful druzy jewelry at an affordable price, and their Instagram feed is seriously addictive. Each “stack” they feature is better than the next! I picked up two new Kinsley Armelle bracelets in the store to add to my (currently small) collection. I’m now at three, and I can’t wait to add more!

  • Bee Attitudes – I hadn’t seen this cute line of tee-shirts and hoodies before my visit. While I’m always distracted by shiny and glittery objects, it was their positivity and simplicity that caught my attention. Each garment sends an empowering message, centered around the bee. The apparel and accessories line is women-owned and supports organizations like Thistle Farms, a non-profit in Nashville that provides a safe environment for women who are victims of sex trafficking.

  • Mohop – I first saw this brand at the One of a Kind Holiday Show at the Merchandise Mart this past September. I instantly recognized their distinct cat coin purses at the register, and it prompted me to look them up again. I’m really glad I did, as I got to read their full story on their website. Mohop uses emerging digital scanning and 3D manufacturing processes to create custom products (such as shoes custom fit to your feet – pretty awesome). And to top it off, all of their materials are made in the USA with vegan leather. No animals harmed here!

I love it when I visit an independent shop and come out knowing of even more indie brands. It’s great to see these businesses support one another and help spread the word. Winnie Cooper Boutique has a nice combo of those well-known brands and the independent brands, which helps those indie brands get exposure they might not have otherwise had.

So the next time you’re in Roscoe Village in Chicago, add Winnie Cooper Boutique to your list!

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