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indieland is a celebration of independents -- organizations, businesses, and art. Whether the focus is books, music, food or fashion, indies around the world are making a big impact in their communities. "Shop local" and "indie first" are becoming mottos for a movement -- a movement toward the authenticity and heart that is unique to small, niche and community-based ventures. We're here to help spread the word and cheer them on! We hope you are inspired to support the independent businesses and art we feature on indieland.

about the founders

Marcy and Crosby founded indieland in April 2018 out of their shared love for all things indie -- books, music, stores, and restaurants.


Marcy grew up being passionate about books and Crosby about music, and they taught each other about the indie scene of both. They soon discovered how much they loved everything indie, including stores, boutiques, and restaurants. Marcy first began covering independent bookstores and the indie literary scene on the website litcity312.com, which she co-founded with DePaul University Professor and poet Chris Green. While she loved the site, life had happened and it hadn't quite evolved into all she wanted it to be. That's when Crosby and Marcy put their heads together and realized there was so much they could write about in the indie world together, expanding beyond just books or music to the whole indie culture. And that's how indieland was born!


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