2019 indieland.net Holiday Gift Guide

Challenge yourself to shop primarily (or all) independent, small, and local this holiday season! 

When it comes to shopping indie and local for the holidays, half the challenge is knowing what to get each person in your life, and the other half is knowing which indie businesses or creators sell the perfect item for them. It can be hard to resist the urge to buy something quickly and easily at a big box retailer or online, but don't worry--we're here to help! Our Indie Holiday Gift Guide will give you inspiration the inspiration you need.

Help us build our guide! Submit or suggest a product or small business we should feature. 

A quick note on why we believe shopping local this season (and all the time) is important:

You're going to feel great about both getting the right gift and the fact that you purchased it from a small business. Of course your purchase will bring joy to the person you're giving it to, but it will also support the local community AND help an artist, creator, or small business owner continue to do what they love. The more time we all spend time doing what we love, the more light we bring to everyone around us. When you show your support for independent businesses and creators, you show the world that creating art and doing what you love is valuable and important!

Elephant Trunk Up

Clear Quartz Crystal Cuff, Available in Silver or Gold
Makes a great gift for:

White Elephant gift exchanges or anyone you have a hard time shopping for. Clear quartz, the stone of clarity, is good stone for anyone and everyone to wear! 


Price: $24

You can purchase the quartz cuff and other amazing, unique pieces from Elephant Trunk Up on the website (linked above), or, if you are in the San Diego area, visit Modern Market (La Mesa) or Simply Local (North Park). Learn more about the owner and creator behind Elephant Trunk Up on our blog.

Fulton + Market

Bath and Body Products - Best Seller: Double-duty Whipped Shower Butter
Makes a great gift for:

Anyone who wants to do some pampering! The double-duty shower butter acts as both a cleanser and a moisturizer, so you don't need to apply moisturizer right away after getting out of the shower. 


Price: All bath and body products are under $25!

You can purchase Fulton + Market products on their website (link at button above) or in-person--their new store is opening soon at Westfield North County in Escondido.

Jamila Collective

Adjustable Rings
Makes a great gift for:

"Those who love playful jewelry--they make great gifts for sisters or daughters," says the creator behind Jamila Collective, Megan Reynolds.


Price: $30

Products from the Jamila Collective are made in San Diego by Syrian refugee women. Learn more about the Jamila Collective in the bio of founder Megan Reynolds.

You can purchase the rings at the link above, which will take you to the Jamila Collective website. You can also find a list of shops you can purchase the rings at in San Diego, if you're in the area, on the website

Kassi Grunder Jewelry

Clarity earrings, Intersectional earrings, The Connection Necklace, The Highest Good Choker
Makes a Great Gift for: 

"Ideal for any woman in your life who loves beautiful things and the magic of the natural world," says creator Kassi Grunder.

Price: Average price is $50 (items available online range from $28 - several hundred)

Order by Dec. 15 to get items in time for the holidays!

Clarity Earrings

Who it’s perfect for: your mom

Why it’s perfect for her: these earrings are the perfect size to make a statement, but not get in the way. Kyanite is a super light stone, and these earrings won’t pull down her lobes. 

Connection: The Best Friend Necklace

Who it’s perfect for: your best friend 

Why it’s perfect for her: herkimer diamonds are all about clarity and connection. This necklace is PERFECT as a grown up best friend necklace. 

Intersectional Earrings

Who it’s perfect for: your sister in law 

Why it’s perfect for her: these earrings look good on EVERYONE! They are great for everyday wear, dressing up, or adding a little style when you’re traveling. 

Highest Good Choker in Herkimer Diamond

Who it’s perfect for: you

Why it’s perfect for her: you deserve nice things. Don’t forget to treat yourself to something fantastic this season, too. 

Mist and Sea Air Plant Decor

Chrysocolla Gemstone with a Living Air Plant (2 Designs)
Makes a great gift for:

"This makes a perfect gift for people who value communication, especially the communication of wisdom, as this is the meaning of the Chrysocolla Gemstone," says the creator, Kara Cross. "This item would make a perfect gift for teachers, or someone who finds communication as an important part of their job. It is also legend that Queen Nefertiti carried around Chrysocolla with her for guidance." 

Price range: $25-$52

Air Plant Tillandsia with Turquoise Color Chrysocolla Gemstone Holder

Air Plant Tillandsia Holder with a Chrysocolla Gemstone Slice 

Why do air plants make great gifts? 

"People who love unique plants or crystals and gemstones are sure to love this gift!" says creator Kara Cross. "Each gemstone holder is handcrafted in my studio in San Diego, and I enjoy shipping out my designs all over the United States! All designs, packing, and shipping is done by me, so this is truly a one woman show. I am always happy to answer any questions people have about the plants, and invite people to come into my studio if they are in the San Diego area! No worries if you don't have time though -- I can ship your gifts out no problem! Just visit my online store. I'm always adding new designs.


The air plants, aka Tillandsias, are alive and just need a quick dunk in water once or twice a week. Detailed care instructions come with your purchase, along with a personal message if you are giving this item as a gift! Each shipping gift comes gift wrapped, and all packaging materials are made of recycled materials! Being as eco-friendly as possible is something I strive for. See the links to these items for more details." (Turquoise buttons above will take you to the Mist and Sea Etsy page.)

Sugar Mamma Caramels

Variety of flavors available!
Makes a great gift for:

"Sugar Mamma Caramels are great gifts for everyone! Friends, family, co-workers, neighbors, teachers, mail carriers...any one visiting from out of town who wants a sweet taste of sunny San Diego!" says the creator behind Sugar Mamma Caramels, Nancy Flint.

Price range: $7.99/bag

The Balm Shop & Co.

Variety of skincare products available!
Makes a great gift for:

"Our facial kit is ideal for every woman or man who is looking to step up their self-care routine and pamper themselves," says the founder of The Balm Shop & Co, Crystal Williams. "Our mineral bath soaks and herbal facial steams are the perfect in-home treat. I always say, if you can’t get to the spa, take it home with you!"

Price range: $5-$65

We Are Andrex

Daydreamer Necklace, Fairy Dust Monarch Necklace, Night Sky Choker, Mystical Monarch Hoops, Evil Eye Bracelet
Makes a great gift for:

"All of our products are the perfect gift for you and your SOUL SISTERS!" says the creators behind We Are Andrex, Alex and Andrea.

Price range: $16-$40

Click the buttons below the items to view more photos and to purchase on weareandrex.com.

DayDreamer Necklace

Mystical Monarch Hoops

Fairy Dust Monarch Necklace

Evil Eye Bracelet

Night Sky Choker


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